About Us


Our Experience

We are a Husband & Wife team that had a dream to start up our own business to share our experience of working over 10yrs in health and education. We are both very proud of our rich culture and want to pass on positive vibes and better understanding of Aboriginal culture, people and our families.

Part of our business is to work with Organisations, programs and individuals in providing them with the appropriate tools and understanding of Aboriginal culture in todays society and our families.


Both of us are very passionate about Aboriginal Health and Aboriginal children and how to improve the whole health of our community, as we need to start with providing our kids the right start in life and show them the tools and the pathways to succeed.


Our Approach


Our current target is Early Childhood, Educational services and services that are providing care for our kids in the Out of Home Care setting, we can’t Close the Gap and improve the whole health of our Aboriginal community by ourselves and the best way forward is to develop partnerships and work with organisations, services and individuals.

We will do this by:

· Promoting Culture and utilising the right tools in working with our Aboriginal communities, families and individuals

· Tools for Advocacy and Support

· Culturally Appropriate Resources 

· Network building 

· Navigating Health systems